Our Mission

We work to create an enduring, community-driven power base in Florida by identifying the next generation of intellectual, cultural and spiritual leaders willing to change the narrative of what it means to be progressive in Miami.

Our Vision

We believe that bringing diverse perspectives to bear on important issues can bring about a new understanding and build relationships that foster new insight into the challenges facing our communities.

Miami Freedom Project is committed to developing an issue-based relational organizing model and allowing that to inform advocacy and Get Out the Vote efforts. By doing so, we are creating an enduring, community-driven power base in South Florida ready to speak up, identify new candidates, knock on doors, and support each other’s initiatives for positive change.

We Build Through Many Integrated Efforts Including:

Programming virtual panels, in person gatherings, and community events around topics impacting our communities – specifically climate justice, economic justice, access to health care, immigration reform, and racial justice.

Engaging in regular meetings with civic leaders to identify potential collaborations with penetration into diverse sectors/issues.

Developing a strong base of young progressive Latinx Miami leaders by offering training and workshops on organizing and movement building.

Providing media training for surrogates identified through programming.

Messaging & Rapid Response

Identifying new voices to author opeds/LTEs  that address current issues and combat mis/disinformation.

Maintaining a story bank featuring Latinx leaders engaged through programming.

Creating scripted  content shared across all platforms (30-60 seconds).

Programming original and non-original content on social media platforms with weekly calls to action.

Tracking and monitoring performance of digital campaigns.