No Mas Disinfo

Together with community-centered organizations and media practitioners, we are developing rapid response strategies to identify and counter mis/disinformation trends in Spanish language media.

No Mas Disinfo, Lies, and White Supremacy

In partnership with Florida Rising and Florida Immigrant Coalition together with over 20 grassroots partner organizations, we drafted and published No Más Lies, Disinformation, and White Supremacy: Florida Latino Leaders Demand Spanish Media Stop Disinformation and Conspiracy Theories. 

We released a media study on disinformation in Spanish language radio in Miami in partnership Florida Rising, Prospero Latino, and Latina Comunica. Our aim was to track all instances of misinformation on two radio stations (specifically focused on Univision’s Radio Mambí and Actualidad 1040) between January 6-13, 2021, immediately after the attacks on the U.S. Capitol. This report has become part of the record at Congressional briefings on disinformation and voting rights protection.