Civic Engagement

Our programs inform the curation, development, and production of culturally competent content combats mis/disinformation in both Spanish and English, shifts the narrative of what is possible in the advancement of social justice movements, and encourages civic participation and meaningful engagement.

Mobilizing Miami in 2022

As the 2022 midterm elections approached, we joined Florida for All to lead their Cuban table. MFP held a series of GOTV field efforts in collaboration with Cuban American Women Supporting Democracy, Cubanos Pa’Lante, and Miami Creation Myth to engage community members and mobilize Latino voters, combat election fatigue, and spread joy throughout the community. Voter registration drives in collaboration with the Hispanic Federation and Engage Miami (Just Vote Bro: Lechonazo 2022 and Domino & Canvass), voter canvassing in Hialeah (Welcome to Hialeah: GOTV Halloween Scavenger Hunt), a pre-election text bank and salsa class (Salsa the Vote), phone banking, and tabling events were among them.

Ventanita & Vote 2020

Miami is known for its bakery windows or ventanitas where crowds gather to potent Cuban coffee and talk politics. With everyone missing their favorite ventanita during covid, we saw an opportunity to reimagine the bakery window as a movable civic space where people could  gather to talk about issues impacting their vote over a potent Cuban cafecito.

The experience drew voters across key early voting sites in Miami-Dade via a word of mouth and digital campaign encouraging voters to bring people who had yet to VBM to vote early. We drove up civic participation and connected to the community through culture and cafecito in partnership with When We All Vote, World Central Kitchen, Latino Victory Foundation, United We Dream, and Dos Alas Coffee.

Civic Engagement Organizing and Training

Organizing Workshops/Trainings

Mobilize for Miami

Organizing workshops led by Jose Luis Marantes (United We Dream Network) to help young progressive Latinx Miami leaders build organizing capacity leading into early voting and define a path towards social change and public action.

(September – October 2020)

Spanish/Spanglish Media Training

Training on media surrogacy engaging community and grassroots leaders whose voices will carry particular resonance in Spanish and Spanglish media.

(Workshops ongoing)

Día de Cultura y Libertad: Art and Organizing with Movimiento San Isidro

Art and organizing workshops aimed at promoting and strengthening the work of Cuban communities in exile as well as their integration into the new contexts and realities while continuing to support the people of Cuba who stand up for its rights in the face of repression. (October 2022)

Get Out The Vote!

Animations created in collaboration with Zoë Soriano embracing the Miami vibes and emphasizing the importance of getting out the vote. The days, months, years leading to the most recent election were difficult. Despite the challenges, the opportunity to make our voices heard and cast our ballots was something to celebrate. If it was voting by mail, voting early, voting on the day, or vote a ritmo de conga, we wanted to make sure everyone had the information they needed to do it safely and joyfully. 

Conga the Vote

¡A Votar!

Voting Day!

Día de Votación!


This video was shot in the lost world known as February 2020. We couldn’t know how polarized our country would become, but it’s never been more important to keep our our hearts and minds open and of course, keep laughing. So if you find that you and your favorite Tia just can’t be in the same room or your neighbor’s yard signs make eye contact impossible well…we have some exercises you can try. Thank you to our collaborators Carmen Pelaez, Peter Mir, Janelyss Santos and our friends at Miami Creation Myth and Miami Forward. 

Socialista o Democrata?

Socialismo or Social Contract?

You Get What You Vote For!

What's Your Political Emergency

Power-Y Vote Hour with Lucy Lopez
What’s Your Issue Series

Welcome to the Power Vote Hour with Lucy Lopez, who are you dedicating your vote to? MFP collaborated with our favorite actors - Krizia Bajos, Aimee Carrero, Chrissie Fit, Eddie Mujica, and Giancarlo Sabogal - to bring you this GOTV sketch series. Callers dedicated their vote to an issue - including Covid-relief, healthcare, and sea level rise, and GOTV. So dale, just vote bro!

Lisette Calls In | Krizia Bajos

Vane Calls In | Aimee Carrero

Yesenia Calls In | Natalie Morales

Caro Calls In | Chrissie Fit

Manny Calls In | Eddie Mujica

Angel Calls In | Giancarlo Sabogal

Bocaditos y Boleta

Miami native Chrissie Fit is here to show you how to fill out your ballot and make bocadito paste. Dale Chrissie Fierce!

Bocaditos y Boleta with Chrissie Fit

Bocaditos y Boleta con Chrissie Fit

Sponsored Posts with Queef Latina

Miami artists Queef Latina teams up with MFP to bring us this very important message about vote by mail leading up to the general election. She shows us how it's done 305 style!

Check Your Signature

Don't Procrastinate

Vote By Mail

Voting Day

Original Content

Developed and produced by Miami Freedom Project to celebrate early voting in Florida by capturing the sounds and sights of Miami. Of course, our favorite sound is of you voting.The early bird gets the worm - or at least the peace of mind that they’ve contributed to saving our democracy! As Election Day neared, we also asked Miamians what issues were closest to their heart - here's what they had to say.

Sounds of Miami

Made for the first day of early voting in Florida, we captured some of the sounds and sights of Miami to celebrate.

What's in your heart?

We asked Miamians what issues were closest to their hearts. This is what they had to say.

Who Are You Voting For?/¿Para Quién Vas A Votar?

Exercise your right this election and vote for the candidate who best represents the issues that matter to you most

Original Artwork

Digital content by Miami Freedom Project's Digital Director, Sofia Hidalgo.


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