Our Founders

Miami Freedom Project evolved from a group of friends with deep political and organizing experience who have been reflecting about what we want to see happen in our community.

Patrick Hidalgo

Patrick Hidalgo was a loving son, brother, friend, and organizer. In his last months with us, he dedicated his life to building a movement in the community he loved. He co-founded Miami Freedom Project to tackle issues he was so passionate about: income inequality, health care, housing, wages, and transit. His friends and co-conspirators have pledged to carry out his vision by continuing his work of bringing people together, sharing stories, building relationships with one another, and organizing.

Ana Sofia Pelaez

Ana Sofía Peláez

Ana Sofía Peláez is an activist and award-winning food and culture writer who has organized Latino get out the vote efforts since 2016. Her first cookbook The Cuban Table was nominated for a James Beard award and she contributed to The Immigrant Cookbook to benefit the ACLU Immigrants’ Rights Project. She currently works in the childhood nutrition space and is a frequent contributor to national media outlets.

Our Theory of Change

Miami Freedom Project is committed to building a community of leaders capable and willing to change the narrative and advance policies that improve the lives of working families.  Until recently, an understanding of how political trauma could impact first and second generation immigrant communities has been missing. When President Obama called Miami a monument to what the Cuban people can build, we rightfully took pride in our city. But in that same year, Bloomberg cited Miami as the most unequal big city in America. In 2017, we willingly relinquished our sanctuary status. We have not closed the medicaid gap, have no viable public transit system, and our affordable housing crisis is the worst in the country and is aggravated by the climate crisis as developers take over poor communities of color on higher land. This can’t be who we are. Let’s change the narrative together.