Eat Pastelitos,
Drink Cafecitos,
Save Democracy.

Miami Freedom Project is working to make a more just and equitable Miami through outreach, education and movement building at the intersection of political, cultural, and spiritual life.


Miami Freedom Project evolved from a group of friends with deep political and organizing experience who have been reflecting about what we want to see happen in our community. We are committed to creating a space for progressive ideas and values – transforming Miami political culture while boldly advocating for climate, economic, health, immigrant, and racial justice.



Power-Y Vote Hour - What’s Your Issue?

When Giancarlo Sabogal isn’t telling us Sh*t Miami Girls Say, he’s dedicating his vote to the ladies.  Welcome to the Power-Y Vote Hour with Lucy Lopez!

Bocaditos y Boleta

Chrissie Fit is here to show you how to fill out your ballot and make bocadito paste. Can’t argue over politics with bocaditos on the table. Dale Chrissie Fit!

What's in your heart?

Heading into a contentious election, we asked Miamians what issues were closest to their hearts. Here’s what they had to say.


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Miami Freedom Project brings Miamians together for open-minded, open-hearted discussions about our city. Submit your story and share with us what you’d like to see happen in the city we love.

Annie Lord

Annie Lord is the Executive Director of Miami Homes for All. She hopes for a more politically engaged, well-informed, and united Miami.

Ahmed Mori

Ahmed Mori is an attorney developing cooperatives. He envisions a Miami where one can be politically outspoken without facing backlash.

Frank Mora

Frank Mora is a Cuban-American political scientist. He hopes for a politically engaged Miami where issues can be addressed objectively and democratically.