Our Work

For change to be lasting, advocacy energy must come from the community itself. We welcome you to join us in this work.

Civic Engagement

Our programs inform the curation, development, and production of culturally competent content combats mis/disinformation in both Spanish and English, shifts the narrative of what is possible in the advancement of social justice movements, and encourages civic participation and meaningful engagement.

Climate Justice

We bring together Miamians for direct service projects and facilitated discussions around environmental impacts and policies that give communities an authentic seat at the decision-making table.

Housing Justice

Miami-Dade County is home to a half billion square-feet of vacant or underutilized public land. We are partnering with 30+ organzations focused on public land as the key to turning the tide housing affordability crisis.

Racial Justice

When the demand for racial justice escalated in the summer of 2020, we've  identified the need to create a space for Cuban-Americans to engage on the vital issue of racial justice both within our own racially diverse community and with the larger movement.

Be a Voice for Cuba

When peaceful protests broke out across Cuba on July 11, 2021, we mobilized a coalition organizers to direct resources to relief organizations operating on the island and support human rights advocates, and communicate to Cuban-American community.

No Mas Disinfo

Together with 20+ grassroots leaders, media practitioners, and community-centered organizations, we are developing rapid response strategies to identify mis- and disinformation trends in Spanish language media.