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Cuban Politics in Florida (The Great Battlefield, January 2023)

Drama de Rubio en Hialeah muestra impacto de la radio en español en Miami (El Nuevo Herald, November 2022)/Hialeah drama shows enduring power of Miami Spanish radio (Miami Herald, November 2022)

In Miami, Cuban American progressives promote civic engagement ahead of midterms | The World from PRX (The World-NPR, November 2022)

630 Local organizations drive people to polls with salsa (WLRN, November 2022)

Sigue en picada la confianza en los medios de comunicación en EEUU, según encuesta: analizamos el tema en Línea de Fuego (Univision, August 2022)

Administration Can End ‘Remain In Mexico’ Policy (NBC6 Local, June 2022)

Progressive groups target Jason Brodeur, Ileana Garcia, Nick DiCeglie in ads slamming ‘bad bills’ (Florida Politics, March 2022)

How to Talk to [Mami & Papi] About Anything with Juleyka Lantigua(LWCStudios, January 2022)

Misinformation in the Latino Community (Meet the Press, March 2022)

How to Talk to [Mami & Papi] About Anything with Juleyka Lantigua (LWCStudios, January 2022)

Taste of a Nation with Padma Lakshmi: Mojo-Ho Christmas (Hulu, December 2021)

Locals gather at vigil to honor 659 detained Cubans ahead of ongoing protests (WLRN, November 2021)

How the Cuban Diaspora Finds Its Place in Miami Through Food and Culture (Eating Well, August 2021)

Miamians call for more public spaces in new survey (Miami Herald, August 2021)

Biden will meet Cuban American activists at the White House on Friday (Miami Herald, July 2021)

Cubans in United States rally behind anti-government protesters in Cuba (NBC News with Morgan Radford, July 2021)

It’s a shame Miami’s Republican members of Congress embraced conspiracy theories (Miami Herald Editorial Board/Miami Herald/Orlando Sun Sentinel, June 2021)

‘Up is down and down is up.’ Report examined misinformation on Miami Spanish talk radio (Miami Herald, June 2021)

Report spotlights under the radar Spanish-language radio disinformation in Miami (WLRN, June 2021)

Facing South Florida with Jim DeFede: Spanish Language Media in South Florida (CBS Local, June 2021)

Experts Call Disinformation on Miami’s Spanish Radio a “Psychological Cancer” (Miami New Times, June 2021)

Latino leaders call out Trump disinformation campaign in Miami Spanish-language media (Miami Herald/El Nuevo Herald, January 2021)

Latino Groups Call for More Fact-Checking on Spanish Radio (Miami New Times, January 2021)

Florida groups call out Spanish-language radio shows for spreading lies, misinformation (NBC News, January 2021)

Vice News:  We Talk to Steve Bannon About the 2020 Election’s Potential For Chaos (Vice News, November 2020)

Latino Voters Sway Elections, But Not Just for One Party  (NY1, November 2020)

Why the Democrats lost Florida to Donald Trump (Orlando Sun Sentinel, November 2020)

Could Trump’s Success With Cuban American Voters Help Tip Florida His Way? (ProPublica/New York Times, October 2020)

Café cubano se encarga de los ánimos caldeados por elecciones en Florida (Telemundo, October 2020)

Mobile ventanita gives coffee and pastelitos to Miami early voters (Miami Herald, October 2020)

In quest for Latino votes, Miami early voting site is who’s who of Trump, Biden supporters (NBCNews, October 2020)

Young Latino voters in Florida could play crucial role in presidential election (NBCNews/Telemundo/American Voices-MSNBC, October 2020)

Cafecito reels in voters during Miami’s ‘Souls to the Polls’ (Miami Herald, October 2020)

Latino vote in pivotal Florida may hinge on faith issues, analysts say (NCR Online, October 2020)

Interview on Climate in Elections 2020 (NTN24, September 2020)

The Battle For Florida’s Latino Voters Could Decide The Entire Presidential Election (HuffPost, September 2020)

Climate Change Impacting Latinos 2020 (Telemundo, August 2020)

COVID-Climate Connections (EFE, June 2020)